3D Modelling

Your 3D journey should always start with ensuring your products have been modelled correctly with accurate scaling and shapes. We produce ultra-realistic geometrically correct 3D models that allow us to render perfect replicas of your real product.

3D Scanning

We have a scanning room and 3D scanning software allowing us to scan furniture and other items.  Just send us the items and we will scan them before digitally recreating them.

Complex Organic Shapes

Our expert modellers are able to recreate the perfect model based on existing cad drawings, technical documents or existing images.

Low Poly Models

If you need your models to work with popular CAD-based software and space planning applications such as Pcon Planner then the models should have a low poly mesh to not overload the software.  We create both high poly and low poly models.


As important as high-quality models are to create photorealistic renders, high-quality materials are the next part of the process. Click the link below to find out more about our material creation service.


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